2020 was a doozy of a year, ya feel me? The last year has produced some of the most chaotic and uncertain times that many of us have ever experienced.
You've become an expert in juggling all the dance lessons, track practices, online learning, in-seat days, and homework all while making sure your family is eating healthy as you struggle to make sure your deadlines are also met. 
I know because it's my journey too. 
It's a struggle to find balance in the chaos when your family seems to be pulled in a million directions. Maybe anxiety and overwhelm have you snapping at each other and leave you feeling guilty that you can't do it all.
Stress levels are high and I want to help you find your footing in the chaos. A vase of fresh flowers on your table is a great way to bring nature inside to relieve all that stress. Flowers provide you with many benefits such as increased happiness, workplace productivity while providing a way for you to stay connected to those you love.