Christmas Goat Wreath Tutorial

You guys, we’ve been having so much fun creating amazing wreaths! We love them all, but the Advent Wreath, Christmas Horse Wreath, and Christmas Goat Wreath are our favorites! I will walk you through how we built our Christmas Goat Wreath!

Gather all the supplies you’ll need.

  • 12-gauge aluminum wire, I used Oasis 12 gauge in silver.

  • Chicken wire

  • Small cable ties

  • 22-gauge florist wire cut into 2” or 3” pieces

  • Big books or something heavy

  • Scissors

  • Pruners

  • Needle Nosed Pliers

  • Floral Snips

  • Wire cutters

  • Oasis Floral Adhesive

  • Hot glue gun & extra glue

  • Burlap

  • Assorted evergreens

  • Assorted ribbons and baubles to decorate your wreath

Create the base by using the 12-gauge aluminum wire to make the shape of your wreath. In this case I made a goat head, but you could really make any shape you’d like.

Cut the burlap with scissors, using the wreath base you just made as a pattern. Don’t forget to cut a slit in the middle so you can easily attach a wire so you can hang the wreath when it’s done. Set it aside.

Once you have it shaped the way you’d like, cover the wreath with the chicken wire and secure it to the 12-gauge wire with small cable ties.

Flatten your base under the big books or heavy object. Chicken wire is typically rolled up and likes to roll back up if you don’t flatten it.

While you are flattening your wreath base, trim the branches of evergreens you’ve chosen so they are easier to work with. It’s easiest to use pruners for this part, evergreen can be pretty thick.

Begin attaching the evergreen pieces to the wreath base using the pieces of 22-gauge wire with needle nosed pliers. If you’re like me just cut them as you go along – I rarely remember to pre-cut them. Pre-cutting just makes it a bit easier.

Anyway, I make sure to attach the evergreens in the same direction. You want to think about the way your animal looks. Most animals have fur that goes in one direction, so keep your evergreens going one way too! It took me six hours to make the Christmas Horse Wreath and three to make the Christmas Goat Wreath so toss on some Christmas music and have a blast! The time will fly by because you are having fun!

Flip the wreath over and tuck in all wires that are sticking out. Attach wire to make a hanger then attach the burlap cutout to the back side of the wreath base with hot glue making sure to thread the wire hanger through the cutout in the burlap.

Once the burlap is secured to the wreath base, flip it back over and use the ribbons and baubles to personalize your wreath even more!

Lastly, find a cute place to hang it! Your fresh evergreen wreath will last longest if it’s outside. You can hang it inside too but will need to mist it every day or so to keep it looking fresh.

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