Fragrant, Fresh, and Fabulous Evergreens

Hey you guys, our Christmas Greens came in this week! Shyanne and I have been busy creating amazing wreaths for you! You guys they are super easy to take care of and should last you for quite a while. The tips I have outlined below to keep your greens looking fresh and festival all season long!

Opt for outdoor displays. Outdoor decorations can last for several weeks when the weather is cool. They also look amazing across the front of houses and wrapped around columns or decorating our farm stand, just saying.

Keep your evergreens out of direct heat! Direct heat will dry them out super fast and you’ll have pine needles everywhere! I do not keep any of my fresh flowers or evergreens in my kitchen or dining area as our wood cookstove throws out a ton of heat! It is not uncommon to drive by in February and see all our doors and windows open! So, keep those fresh cuts out of the heat!

When using fresh evergreens to decorate inside, make sure that you mist them at least once a day. This will help keep them properly hydrated so that they last longer.

Until next time, keep spreading joy!


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