Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Can you believe we're already on the fourth post of this series?!

Freesia are one of the new flowers we are growing in 2020! These elegant blooms caught my eye back in 2017 when my dream of flower farming started to become a reality. Freesia have cheery clusters of brightly colored blooms on gently arching stems that create a natural movement in the designs in which they're featured! I love everything about them, especially their sweet lemony scent that reminds me of Fruit Loops cereal! They just always make me smile! You guys, they are even reported to be deer and rabbit resistant! This makes me super happy! We haven't had much of a deer problem, but the rabbits have been quite the pest. My dogs do a good job at keeping the deer out of the flowers but kinda fail at keeping rabbits out. They leave that job to the cats I guess!

Freesia are not winter hardy here in northeast Missouri so we grow them as annuals. They like cool temperatures usually between 55°F and 60°F and can be grown in full or partial sun. Freesia go dormant once the temperature hits 70°F. That means you'll find them in my designs and bouquets in the spring and not in the summer. Each stem of Freesia has multiple trumpet shaped florets that bloom in succession giving them a vase life of at least 7 days! Did you know that during the 1950's it was common for people to gift a bloom of freesia and some airy greenery in a bud vase to people that just had a baby? Freesia are believed to represent trust and innocence. How perfect is that to celebrate the birth of a new baby?!

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