Updated: Oct 29, 2020

You guys, I really, really tried to not love lilies. However, I failed miserably! They are grown all over the place here so I thought they were pretty common. Then, I started using them in my designs and WOWZA! Those lilies paired perfectly with the other flowers growing at that time and the colors were to die for! It was enough to get me hooked!

This year we are growing a small number LA Hybrid lilies. I've choosen the red Corleone, orange Ceaser's Palace, pink Indian Summerset, and white Litouwen varieties to add to our lineup and designs. We're growing them in crates, starting out in our handy, dandy cooler/germination chamber where we can control the temperature at 50° to 55°F. Once the sprouts are 3 inches tall we'll transfer the crates to our little greenhouse.

The LA Hybrids we grow bloom longer into the season, have a light scent and gently curved petals on upturned faces. Did you know that LA Hybrids are the result of crossing Easter Lilies with the Asiatic ones? This crossing gives them their mild frangrance and larger flowers. Isn't that exciting? These lilies going to be amazing! I can't wait to showcase these beautiful blooms in my designs!

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