Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Hey guys! This week's sneak peek is Lisianthus!

I'm super excited to bring Lisianthus to the farm for the 2020 growing season for a couple of reasons. The first being that Lisianthus are a beautiful rose-like cut flower and the second is that they have an amazing vase life! However, they can be a little finicky to grow so we'll be paying special attention to them this year as it's a trial year for Lisianthus for our farm. The blooms must be protected from rain and condensation as they can cause spotting on petals. These blooms are native to the Southern U.S, Mexico, and the northern South American regions, so we'll be growing them strictly as annuals.

We are starting with six varieties so there will be a limited number of these blooms this year. You can expect the following colors when they are ready for market: pink, purple, white, lavender, and brown (more like an antiqued mauve, rose/brown-trust me they're gorgeous). The next reason for growing them is that Lisianthus have an amazing vase life of at least 10 days when treated right! I'm so excited for these beautiful flowers because they produce gorgeous blooms for our foam free designs, bridal bouquets, and other wedding florals!

I believe Lisianthus will be a fabulous addition to our farm and design studio as we transition to more eco-friendly and sustainable practices!

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