New Skills: Ikebana Design Style

You guys!

For the last few months, I’ve been attending Zoom meet ups hosted by Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers Society. Each month we’ve learned a new skill and moved into breakout rooms to get to know each other. I’ve met flower farmers and florists from all over the country and I’ve even won a prize! (I rarely win prizes, so this was huge) Anyway, it’s been great to connect with other flower loving people and learn more about their part in the flower industry. This month we talked about the way that flowers contribute to our wellness and that of others. Floral wellness is an embrace of therapeutic importance of flowers, both in our own environments and as a meaningful way to share with others. Floral Wellness nurtures a positive and habitual desire to have flowers in our lives and as an expression of our desire for others to also experience flowers emotional, physical and mental and psychic value.

This month’s Zoom focused on how flowers contribute to wellness and featured Rachel Johnson of Simply Grounded. Rachel is passionate about the Sogetsu Ikebana design style and answered some questions that had arose while I was studying the different floral design styles. She showed us how to create beautiful designs using space, color, line, balance, scale, and dimension. It was awesome!

A little about Ikebana. It’s a natural, simple style that works well with contemporary spaces. They require little care and feature a small footprint, making them a good choice for hospital and nursing home residents. Ikebana originated in China during the sixth century and is studied extensively in Japan where it is considered an art form. Ikebana’s emphasis is harmony between humans and nature as it symbolizes seasonal changes and harmony between heaven, man, and earth. I look forward to learning more about this art form and incorporating it into my designs.

Below are photos of my first ever attempt at Ikebana. I found the process to be very relaxing in a week that has been full of life.

Until next time, keep spreading joy!


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