Roselilies and Calla Lilies

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

This year has been a year of trials. We have more than doubled what we've been growing and have been having a great time researching the new blooms! One of those new blooms are roselilies, specifically, 'Samantha'. A roselily is an Oriental lily that has double petals, a pleasant fragrance, and produces no pollen. They can have up to 18 petals on each bloom! All these petals give the bloom a rose like appearance. I think they are gorgeous!

I was fortunate to be able to purchase a crate of these bulbs from my supplier and they arrived this past Monday. Shyanne and I planted them in crates and put a row of drip tape over the crates. This will ensure that they have an adequate amount of water at all times. (read about our drip irrigation adventure here) Don't expect to have these beauties in your hands until the end of the season though. I found these beauties a little later than I'd like and we have just enough time to grow them. Expect them end of September and into October this year. In the mean time we have also planted a couple calla lilies varieties for you guys. I think they are going to be amazing!

When this growing season is complete, we will have trialed three different types of lilies. The La Hybrid, Roselilies, and calla liles have been fun to grow and I've learned so much about their production! You will definitely find lilies of all sorts in our fields for the 2021 growing season! -Jill

*pictures courtesy of google

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