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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Over the last month or so, we've been focusing on sourcing reliable roses for our weddings and designs. We do not grow roses here on the farm and we want to be able to provide you with quality roses that you will love!

So far we've tested hybrid tea roses from our local wholesaler and fragrant garden roses organically grown from Grace Rose Farm in California. They have all been beautiful and have held up well in the bouquets, centerpeices, and designs we've created with them. We are confident that you will love all of them just as much as we do! Beginning September 14, 2020 we will have roses available for your custom orders. You will be able to order designs and bouquets via our website or by contacting us by phone, email, or social media.

Do you know that there are over 150 species of roses that breeders have crossed to create thousands of hybrids? Isn't that amazing and a little overwhelming?! As of now, we will be focusing primarily on offering hybrid tea roses and garden roses.

So let's begin this journey with the hybrid tea rose. Hybrid tea roses feature large symmetrical blooms and come in a range of colors. Hybrid teas were first inroduced in 1867 by crossing delicate tea roses with hybrid perpetual roses. They feature large 4"-5" blooms on straight, upright stems.

The American Rose Society recogninzes 18 hybrid tea rose color classes. You can find hybrid teas colors in white, orange. pink, yellow, lavender, and many other hues. Shyanne perfers the warm and vibrant orange roses while I perfer the soft pink and lavender ones. As amazing as hybrid tea roses are, they do lack one thing; fragrance. Only about a quarter of hybrid tea rose varieties have that rose fragrance that we all love. I have to admit when I first discovered this decades ago, I was disappointed. I really wanted my blooms to have that beautiful rose sent that I remembered from my great grandma's garden.

Fragrance brings us to the modern garden rose. These beautiful roses feature a romantic, old-fashioned cup shaped bloom with an abundance of petals and an alluring fragrance. Couple these charaterisics with a good vase life and you have an amazing bloom for bridal bouquets and other designs! In the 1960's, David Austin began breeding what he termed "English Roses" that successfully combined the old garden rose flower form, with an updated color pallete, and an ability to bloom multiple times a year resulting in the lovely, Constance Spry®. So far, I've only trialed blooms from Grace Rose Farm out of California.

So far, our favorite varieties from Grace Rose Farm are Moonlight in Paris and Carding Mill. They were lovely in the designs we created, had an amazing fragrance, and a good vase life. We also trialed Honey Dijon, Pure Perfume, and Stainless Steel. Grace Rose Farm's growing season is from April through December, so we are also looking for other growers that will be able to offer garden roses throughout the year. If you know anyone that grows quality roses please put them in contact with us as we are commited to sourcing locally, then from other American farms, and finally from international ones.

It's our desire to provide you with the most beautiful blooms availabe for your wedding, special event, or just because bouquet. Keep an eye on our website and social media to know when we have new roses to offer. Our plan is to try new varieties of hybrid tea roses and garden roses each month so quantities will be limited. This allows us to take meticulous notes on how they fare in our designs and what is poplular with all of you. These trials allow us to confidently recommend roses for the weddings and special events that we are designing.

Choosing the perfect blooms for your dream wedding or event can be overwhelming! However, you can rely on us to guide you through your special day's floral needs! It's our pleasure to help you realize your vision and style while working within your floral budget. We're here to help take the stress out of choosing the perfect flowers for your special day!💐




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