Here we are already at the end of July and knee deep into our sunflower harvest! Right now we have gorgeous Firecrackers blooming and are expecting White Nite, Strawberry Blonde and our last succession of Vincent's Choice to join the line up in the next few weeks.

In some regards this has been a hard year for our Vincent's Choice sunflowers. The first, second, and third second successions of Vincent's Choice blooms were beautiful. The same can not be said for the next three successions. They bloomed at the same time as the thrid succession. That means we had 4 successions of sunflowers blooming at the same time! We think that the hot spell earlier in the month caused them to bloom earlier than we had planned. They also only reached about 2 feet in height and have tiny blooms. Now, we did plant these seeds on 4" spacing insted of the normal 6" to produce blooms that are a bit smaller and easier to work with. However, these early bloomers only produced 1"-2" blooms on really skinny stems. They are perfect for sunflower rings and other wearable items though! They would also be great to press and use to decorate bookmarks or notecards. There is always something that you can do with blooms no matter their size. You just have to take a step back and think of them differently. So anyway, the last succession of Vincent's Choice are looking to be the normal height and should produce the beautiful blooms we all love in our bouquets!


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