Tips for Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

Hi guys!

2020 has been a doozy of a year, ya feel me? This year has produced some of the most chaotic and uncertain times that many of us have ever experienced. Stress levels are high and I want to help you find your footing in the chaos. I've had lots of experience in this, and probably would have had a break down years ago if I hadn't incorporated many of these practices throughout the years. If you don't know I have five kids, three that I homeschool (one has graduated), and two that were in public school (both graduated) and my dear husband worked between 60 and 115 hours a week on different shifts at the steel mill until we moved here to Missouri. Life was chaotic to say the least. So without farther ado here are a few tips to finding balance in a chaotic world. Oh and don't stress over this list, many of them can be done simultaneously!

  • Make time for yourself! Sometimes that means I wake up hours before everyone to enjoy the stillness of the morning other times that means a restorative afternoon nap.

  • Reduce your stress levels. We like to listen to movie soundtracks and then shout out what scene it's from. This all started as a game I played with the kids when we were traveling from Ohio to Missouri when we were moving. Eight hours in the car was a long time for 9 and 10 year olds to sit especially when you travel between the two states every other week for 2 months. This game always makes us laugh which reduces stress!

  • Eat healthy and drink tons of water: I know it’s the holiday season, but what are you doing to incorporate healthy eating habits into your day? I've not been as good as I should this holiday season, but I do try. Oh and the water, that is super important too. Once I started drinking more water, I started feeling so much better! It's amazing how different I feel when I've had my water for the day. I'm up to about a hundred ounces a day. I had to build up to that amount though. So just try to incorporate more water into your day. I promise you will start to feel better as well.

  • Stay active: What can you do to stay active? Three seasons out of the year you can get outside, but what about winter? Shyanne likes to do yoga with Tarasa at You, Yourself, and Yoga via her online membership, and I enjoy walking even when it’s cold outside. Hey that's why they make warm clothes, right? I may look like a giant purple marshmallow, but I'm super warm all bundled up in my overalls.

  • Do what you love. What are some things that you love to do? Painting, drawing, and reading, are just some of my favorite things to do! Take time to pursue your hobbies and if you have littles, introduce them to your hobbies. I'm all for learning new things and teaching others as this creates memories that your kids can look back on with fondness! There's nothing like seeing my kids smile becasue they have good memories of something we've learned together.

  • Lessen your exposure to news and social media. Turn off the constant news and set time limits for social media. Trust me I know it's hard, but you will thank yourself for it.

  • Kindness: Be kind to others! What can you do to make someone smile?

  • Giving: Earlier this month Giving Tuesday created a wave of generosity, why not keep it going?

  • Service - How can you help others?

  • Reading: Since I’ve been limiting my social media time, I’ve been able to read more. My current book is Gassed in the Gulf by Patrick Eddington and for a light read I’m listening to the BBC Radio Production of the Lord of the Rings on Audible.

  • Experience nature. How can you bring nature inside? I like to have fresh flowers around, but maybe you love house plants or in my youngest daughter's case, every fluffy kitten she can find on the farm.

  • Most importantly, get a daily dose of positive vibes. I get my dose of positive vibes during the morning stillness when I read my Bible and pray. Staying grounded in the Word has been the best thing I could do for my wellbeing during my chaotic life.

I hope you can incoroprate some of these tips into your life. They have helped me from the time the kids were little and I'm sure they can help you navigate these stressful times.

Until next time, keep spreading joy!


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