We're kicking this series off with tulips! What I love most about these beautiful spring blossoms is the hope they bring as they push their way through the cold ground, breaking the monotony of the winter season. Another reason I love them is because they are so wonderfully diverse. In fact, there are more than 3,000 registered varieties! Some tulips feature single petals while others offer fancy doubles that look like peonies and still others that are ruffled or fringed! They also come in a wide range of colors that are pretty spectacular. This year I combed through those thousands of varieties to bring you my top five favorites!

All of the tulips I am growing this year have double petals, meaning they have nice full blooms that resemble peonies. I am featuring three double early tulips that will jump start our growing season in early to mid-spring, so be looking for them in April. Then in late spring keep your eyes peeled for my two double late varieties to start blooming.

The first tulip you need to know is the Avant Garde. It is a double early tulip that blooms early to mid-spring and features beautiful full blooms with coloring that ranges from creamy white to a light lime green. Avant Garde tulips have strong stems and a wonderful fragrance. They will pair nicely with the other varieties of tulips blooming at the same time.

Next up we have the Foxtrot. Foxtrot has sweet bowl-shaped blooms in many shades of pink ranging from a deep rose to a glistening light pink. Foxtrot has a light airy fragrance that is sure to turn heads in any design which it's featured!

Finally, in our double early category, I've decided on Monte Orange tulips. These tulips have double petals that are bold, vibrant and fragrant! Monte Orange tulips have showy yellow-centers caressed by orange petals that can open to six inches across! I envision a dreamcicle when combined with our Avant Garde tulips in a bouquet!

The last two tulip varieties we are growing this year are double late varieties. The White Heart tulips we're offering are glorious, peony types with elegant white double petals. They are beautiful late spring bloomers that perfectly pair with other spring blossoms to create a chic composition sure to make you smile!

I've saved my favorite tulip for last. The Gudoshnik Double tulips won my heart last season with their showy, feathered red, yellow, and orange petals! You will always find these beauties on our farm and in our designs when they are in season. My daughter even loves these showy blooms, saying they could be the Gryffindor house flower as they remind her of the Gryffindor colors from the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling.

Once you experience all these beautiful tulips, you're going to love them just as much as I do!


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