Floral Design Style Series: Western Line

The Western Line design style features a triangular form much like the Ikebana style and highlights linear movement that creates a mood like the Formal Linear style. However, western line style differs from these styles by using most of the space of its container and doesn’t have much negative space in the overall design. Western Line designs can be vertical, horizontal, L-shaped, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Each design variation is based on a triangular shape.

The vertical variation is often based on an isosceles triangle where two of the three sides of the implied triangle are the same length and do not exceed the width of the container. All the emphasis is on height with a focal flower near the container and smaller flowers stepping up to encourage the viewer’s eye to travel up the vertical line to be viewed from one direction.

The horizontal variation is meant to be viewed from two sides as it is wider than it is tall. Most often it forms an arc that is pleasant to look at. These low designs can be featured as table centerpieces as they are low and narrow, making it easier for people across the table to engage in meaningful conversation and make connections. 

L-shaped variations are usually right triangles with the vertical line to the right or left of the center line. This variation features two main lines with the focal point at the intersection of the two lines and negative space all emphasizing the designs right angle. 

Symmetrical variations emphasize an equilateral triangle with equal visual balance on either side of the vertical line or an isosceles triangle with the flowers evenly distributed to create a symmetrical appearance.

The fifth variation is an asymmetrical design which is informal compared to the symmetrical one. The design is based on a scalene triangle with the vertical line off-center and an unbalanced visual weight on either side of the center line.

Western Line Deign Style is one of the most popular design styles in the United States. These designs are often meant to be viewed from the front and in an area that is best suited for tall floral elements. You will typically find western line designs in public places such as churches, auditoriums, and hotel lobbies. Larger Western line designs are also often used for funeral displays while smaller ones are good for use in hospitals and nursing homes. The effect is often meant to be showy and colorful. These designs often are used to bring cheer and color to the lives of people in nursing homes and as patients in hospitals.

Try your hand at creating a western line design and continue spreading joy!

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