What? It's Already September?!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Yikes! It's September! My 2020 bulbs and corms begin shipping in 30 DAYS! There is so much to prepare before their arrival! Soil must be tested and trenches must be dug, all the while we are still growing, harvesting, and selling gorgeous cosmos, gladiolus, marigolds, zinnia, sunflowers, and dinnerplate dalhias.

Last week's cooler weather had me thinking of season extension so, with the help of my dear mother, I constructed the low tunnel frames that allow us to extend our growing season a little. I didn't cover them yet, it's still September after all and we live in northeast Missouri, so its likely to warm back up. This is the first year that we've used low tunnels since we left Ohio and it's the first year we'll be using them for cut flower production. In the past we have used them for extending our vegetable and herb seasons, so there will be a bit of a learning curve.

Speaking of learning, I have had many opportunities this year to increase my knowledge of floriculture and understanding of the business of flower farming and designing. I am looking forward to continuing my journey to become an AIFD certified floral designer while I consume as much about the floriculture industry as I possibly can!

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