Why not u-pick?

Updated: Apr 6

The most asked question about our farm is if people can visit and if they can pick their own flowers. The answer to that question is yes, you can visit our farm and no, you can not pick your own flowers straight from our fields when you visit. We grow florist quality blooms that must be harvested at specific developmental stages and times of day and then cared for in a certain way. This postharvest handling is done so that our flowers have the longest vase life possible for you to enjoy.

The next question is usually where can we find your flowers. We have several options for you to expereince our blooms.

The easiest one is to visit our online flower shop and pick one of our options. Our flower shop changes throughout the harvest season so make sure to check in often; you never know what you might find. If you are interested in contactless delivery or pick-up, ordering from our online flower shop is the best way to do that. Just make sure to let me know you'd like it to be a contactless or curbside pick-up.

The second way to experience our blooms is to purchase one of our seasonal subscriptions from our flower shop.

Here are the basics: a flower farmer (me) offers a certain number of “shares” to the public (you). The shares usually consist of seasonal bouquets designed by us and nestled in a vase. Interested customers purchase a share (aka “subscription” or “membership”) and in return receive a design of seasonal flowers each month throughout the growing season. This arrangement is beneficial to both the farmer and consumer.

Advantages for the farmers:

  1. Get to spend time marketing flowers early in the year, before the 16-hour days in the field begin.

  2. Receive payment in the early season, which helps the farm's cash flow.

  3. Have an opportunity to build relationships with the people that love the flowers they grow.

Advantages for the members:

  1. You receive the cream of the crop of our ultra-fresh flowers.

  2. Your bouquets are created first before flowers go to market.

  3. You're the first to experience new species of flowers grown on the farm.

  4. You can visit the farm to learn how flowers are grown.

  5. You can develop a relationship with the flower farmer that grows your blooms.

  6. You can experience the uplifting power of flowers on your mood throughout the season.

The third way to experience our flowers is to visit us at either the La Plata Farmers' Market on Wednesday evenings or the Kirksville Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings May through October. At the markets you can build your own bouquet or select one of the ones we craft on site.

The fourth way is to contact us at jill@tituscreekflowers.com to schedule a farm tour. Our farm tours are $30 per person. You recieve a tour and can build your own bouquet from the flowers that we have already harvested and processed. Each tour lasts approximately one hour and is offered only on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the harvest season. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the La Plata Public Library's "Light the Library" campaign.

Until next time, keep spreading joy!


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*All flowers and floral designs will vary due to seasonal availability. The harvest season is May through October.

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